Ankle area burning

Hi everyone,

I am new to the diagnosis but I am having a different kind of flare and wanted to get some input.

I started having the burning pain across the top of my feet like a hot strap from the inside ankle bone to the other side...burning big time.

Is that an experience anyone else has had? I am sorry if it is a dumb question.

Thanks, Dazsa (Don)

This does not seem dumb to me, as I have a similar problem...Wearing socks, especially on my right foot across there, around my ankle area is like a nightmare, at times & seems that a sock can aggravate it even worse...intense burning & have found that using Emu Oil ,Maintenance Plus by Thunder Ridge seems to help me...Also good, if you happen to have arthritis there on your foot to use it for that also...I just received too, some Emu Oil (no additives) that is pretty good, too, though the one by Thunder Ridge seems to help me better so far, & too mixing it with some Vaseline or some lotion that you can tolerate might help your ankle burning....Good Luck,

I just went ahead & read about what got you started here...Should of done this before I put in my first comment to you...I hope that you find the right neurologist who can diagnose what you have...I have some nerve problems in my legs also & had a physiatrist ( deals with nerves in the body) test me. & poke needles in my legs, oh that was just terrible..less than a year ago...I thought I was going to see a neurologist, though ended up with this doc, my primary doc referred me , too & he actually stuck a needle in my back to end it all, the test, that is...Think a neurologist test to find out if you have neuropathy is similar...He, the physiatrist doc that I saw, didn't think I had neuropathy, though I still think I have something, & know I have CVI ( chronic vein insuffieciency diagnosed)...Though had vein procedures, called sclerotheraphy in my calves by a vascular specialist, some years back that caused my feet to have problems after that to what some might call EM here....And years ago, another vascular surgeon said he thinks I had neuropathy of the legs & not to get my veins stripped in my legs.....It's All So Confusing...Hope you & others here can find some happiness & have a fairly decent Easter...

Thanks, Caressa for the encouragement and comment. Happy Easter to you, as well.