Has anyone tried Noxicare cream or supplements?

Hi, am fairly new to this site.....Have been reading where lotions & creams can alleviate some of the burning temporarily...There is a natural ingredient cream called, Noxicare that I read about & am wondering if anyone has tried it, & found some relief?..Also they have a supplement, which I think has the same ingredients in it along with the same name....They are both advertised as a natural pain reliever, & some use even for burning feet...Thinking about ordering some, but have to do it it seems on the Internet as think that is the only way that you can buy it......Being , too that I have osteoarthritis, think if it doesn't help with my yet undiagnosed, Erythromelalgia ....It, most likely, if not allergic to , at least will help with my arthritis.

Hi Caressa. I have never even heard of that. I will be sure to look that up. I am always trying to find something natural I can take for the pain. I am already on too many medications I hate to add more. Please be sure to let us know how it works if you do try it. Take care

I also never heard of noxicare. I do find that thick creams seem to hold the heat in my feet even more (I think that's why folks wore bear grease in the winter in way-back times). But Lidocaine gel does soothe my feet (need a prescription). It doesn't help the heat, though. Might as well try Noxicare. If it works, hallelujah! And do let us know. Jane

Also have read that creams with B5 help with burning feet, & to take B5 supplements....Though, think it is best to check with a doctor on this....As read, not too many are ever low in this vitamin, though, too, not everyone is plagued with burning feet & hands, etc.....My feet on top, & near the ankles are so sensitive and the redness,on the sides of them & burning on the tops of them, with lots of bleeds under the skin. & quite a few broken blue veins on them also.... Though, the bottoms of them are relatively Ok, minus I have some corns, etc, & have worn orthodontics inserts in the past..And, I have CVI in both legs, & was told that I would benefit to have them stripped by EVLT.... I have trouble wearing regular shoes or socks for too long.....So, wearing compression hose is not too cool...Also have been taking iron pills every other day to maintain a healthy level, & D3, ..Last blood tests indicate I was low in both....In a couple of days I see a rheumatologist's nurse practitioner, to let me know my latest blood results...She threw in a couple of tests for RA & Lupus,too....My adult daughter has full blown RA, for the last 3 yrs & told me about 2 mos ago she tested positive for Lupus...I know, too, that I have osteoarthritis in my feet & lower back, from x-rays of them in years past & with age, that isn't a surprise....And, am not that young, as I am in my early 60's.......The burning with the feet have been for about 6 yrs now....it started after I had some sclerotherapy for spider veins & some varicose on my legs, a year & a half afterwards...