Any Recommendations for DR in Hartford CT area

Looking for any recommendations in the CT area from people that have had good results. Or for that matter anywhere… Thanks Tony Parrelli

Hi tucker01040 ,

I would begin by searching The Erythromelalgia Association’s physician directory, this way you’ll see a specialist who has dealt with this rare condition before.

I’ve recently reviewed Dr Oaklander’s publications/lectures and found them insightful. She’s a Neurologist in Massachusetts who appears in TEA’s physician directory, may be worth the trip from Connecticut.

“Anne Louise Oaklander | Small Fibers, Big Pain || Radcliffe Institute”

“Defining a Treatable Cause of Erythromelalgia: Acute Adolescent Autoimmune Small-Fiber Axonopathy”

Tony the EM physicians directory is a good resource but you still want to call and make sure the Dr. Is familiar with EM. I ran into at least one on the list that had no clue.