Anybody else get pain in the heels when walking?

Recently I have been getting lots of pain in my heals when walking. It feels like I have really bruised themnot only when I put my foot down but also when I take pressure off the heel and lift my foot.

Does anybody else get his kind of pain..??

I'm not sure if it's because I've spent the last few months wearing cork soled sandals (regardless of weather)

plantar fasciitis? it could be, the nerve damage from my plantar fascitiis actually caused my em, but i could see someone getting plantar fascitiis after having em because of the pooling of blood and lack of nutrients to the fascia. i would start by rolling your foot out on a "foot roller" they are cheap and fixed my heel pain for good a while back

Thank you Will, I will look into it. I've got to the point where I'm having to wear a pair of slippers for work at the minute. (they are then getting warm even tho it's only my toes that are covered by them.!)

Good job I work in a profession where I am able to wear them.!