Bottom heel total white circle?

Hello everyone

Strange things happen all the time.

Has anyone had the bottom of their heel feel numb when standing on it and it’s a white solid circle that covers the heel that I assume presses against the floor. Feels numb and hard then when I put up it goes away and has a red color but not too bad.

Hope you all sleep peaceful tonight.

Might be poor circulation which would do that.pure guesswork though

I have had that too. It’s part of Reynauds I think.

I have things like that happen to my feet all the time. Sometimes just the side of my foot gets numb & white. Then sometimes it’s my heel & sometimes it’s a finger. I’ve been told by my doctor that I have excellent circulation in my feet. So I think it’s Reynauds now that happens to just parts of my feet & hands. It’s just part of the experience with EM! In January it will be 17 years that I have been suffering with it. It started out mildly but every year it seemed it would get worse & I would experience more burning & more pain. And now I can’t walk & am in a wheelchair. That’s been hard. But, last year when the EM was totally out of control, I called out to God & just asked for at least 50% relief! Long story short, I talked to my doctor about upping my dose of Effexor to 150mgs after reading here about some who said it helped them. And sure enough, it has given me about 50% relief! Winters have been the worse time for me in the last 3 years. But this winter I have more control over it & have felt much better! It might be something to look into! :blush:

That is wonderful you are feeling better! Yes it’s probably the combination between em and Reynauds. Boy aren’t we the lucky ones.