Anyone else develop EM after injection of Depo?

Hello, all. Did any of you develop your EM after getting a Depo-Provera shot (or another shot, perhaps)? I experienced nearly every terrible side-effect possible from Depo (one shot ruined 10 months of my life and there were times I had to call suicide hotlines) and my EM came on suspiciously soon after that whole experience. Thanks for your input.

I know there are several EM people that think the birth control Yaz has something to do with their EM.

Ah, I didn't know that. I tried around 5 different hormonal birth controls before getting the injection (and all of that was shortly before developing EM), although I didn't try an equivalent to Yaz (Beyaz, in my case) until later, after the onset of my EM. Interesting.

Mine started after having a cortisone injection in my lower back in s2 and s3 it has been over a year and has not gotten any better but all the doctors I have seen think this has nothing to do with the cause of my em.I am not sure. do not no what to think or where to go next as I have many doctors in the past year.


Thanks for your reply, Dale. I am curious if there are fillers or other ingredients in these injections that might be a possible EM cause. It's no wonder that no one has looked into it since it would probably be very complicated to try to pinpoint a specific ingredient and the results wouldn't benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

This is a very late response, but I started taking YAZ and a month into doing so I started developing EM symptoms. (My whole life I lived in Arizona and LOVED weather over 90 degrees. Does discontinuing Yaz reverse the symptoms and make them go away, or does it stick with you?