Anyone else get heat hives?

After most showers, I get a few mild hives on my chest - seemingly always in the same exact spots. It seems they have to do with the heat of the water (doesn't happen in swimming pool, isn't any of my products). It just occurred to me that they could be related to the EM in my toes - something to do with a general sensitivity to applied heat (or to a rise in core body temperature)?

Bits from Wikipedia on Cholinergic or Stress urticaria (hives):

"This form of urticaria is fairly widespread [population-wise] and occurs after exercise, sweating, stress, or any activity leading to a warming of the core body temperature, such as warm or hot baths or showers... Cholinergic urticaria (CU)is [sic] known to cause itching, tingling, burning and heating-up of the skin... Histamine is believed to be discharged in response to stimulation by the parasympathetic nervous system..."

So, do any of you get heat/stress hives? Any idea if there could be a relation to EM?

I do get itching, tingling, burning and heating-up of the skin but have always been told this is related to my EM...So I haven't even looked further into it to see if it could be anything else. Interesting question, I llok forward to see what others think.

Yes, and sometimes my abdomen gets really itchy without rash or redness. This has been happening much longer than the EM.

I don't get hives, but I do get very itchy if the water is too hot. My feet also get very red but the pain is no worse.

Oh dear me yes! And it began with the EM. After sitting in the car, lying in bed, cuddling a grandchild, daring to get sunshine on me etc. etc. Sometimes I think the constant itching is worse than the EM and they take a good three days to go down by which time a hundred more itchy places have appeared.

I get this, too! It almost looks like a sunburn. It gets red and it itches. It is on my trunk , my abdomen and feet. I rarely take hot showers anymore b/c if it. I have a reddish discoloration to my arms and cheeks all the time, too! Saves on blush:)

My skin is really sensitive to heat, all over, but I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome so that's probably why. I do wonder whether the MCAS is the cause of my EM. Have you tried taking an antihistamine, like Zyrtec, about 20 minutes before your shower to see if it makes any difference?

yes i get hives on my feet to when the water is too hot. all the symptoms you just etioned,i have.i also get these symotims when i wear socks,stockings,sneakers,and some slippers

Lin said:

I don't get hives, but I do get very itchy if the water is too hot. My feet also get very red but the pain is no worse.

yes. i do. on my feet smh.horrible