Anyone had their EM misdiagnosed as Cellulitis? (Research attached)

Several members have reported that their EM was misdiagnosed as cellulitis.

We want to try and get a better understanding of why.

Please share your experience if this has happened to you.

Funny this should crop up! Only a couple of weeks ago I was misdiagnosed has having cellulitis, even though I was pretty sure it wasn't. The proof was that 2 weeks of antibiotics made not the slightest difference and now the doctors are agreeing with me!

Questions to ask when seeking a second opinion

I had a similar problem about my adrenal gland tumour. The first endocrine one I saw after the renal specialist had done tests showing that my normetanaphrines in the words of the lab were sky high and so was my cortisol totally dismissed the results saying that a pheo or Cushing’s syndrome or both were so rare therefore I hadn’t got either! So I paid for a second opinion the problem was that even though she practised about a 100 miles away from the first one she knew him and it was obvious that she had discussed my case with him before I saw him. So she behaved the same. It took 2 years and a third endocrine specialist to agree that I did have these things plus I had a ,tumour on my gland. So he agreed to remove it. The renal specialist and I were proved right as my levels returned to normal and the biopsy also confirmed. So that could be a problem if the second one knows the first.

Yes I have had Erythrmelagia misdiagnosed as cellulitis. In 2014 Following surgery and kidney failure my leg inflammation was firmly thought by Orthopaedic Surgeons to be Deep Vein Thrombosis and I was sent for scanning 3 times. My hospital notes describe the occurrence as cellulitis. Since Christmas last I have again been sent to Hospital twice with suspected DVT.

Same here at first it was thought to be a DVT but I didn’t have a scan just a blood test which was negative so then cellulitis diagnosed as I said earlier 2 weeks of antibiotics no change now they are agreeing with me even my GP when I showed him this assciation agreed it was probably EM. Cause unknown as I have a few things that can cause it. Next is a dermatologist who has actually heard of EM mentions it on his personal website. My appointment is a week on Tuesday will report back after.