EM and cellulitis

For about 6 weeks I have been suffering with very painful, inflamed, red hot and swollen legs. The Doctors I have seen can't decide if it is cellulitis or something else. I have had EM for many years and am wondering if there is any connection. I would be grateful to know if any other members have experience of his condition and if so, what treatments helped. Thank you.

Hi Dkel,

I'm so sorry you have Lupus; that's tough. Thank you for your kind response. The first thing I was given was a course of high dose penicillin type antibiotic, which had no effect other than to rule out staph. and strep. Next I was given some Betnovate cream to apply. This is a No No as I can hardly bear to touch my shins and there are now several little water blisters weeping and other places are peeling. The last thing I need is a cream which can cause thinning of the skin. Luckily I don't have Lupus but do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I tried mentioning the word Erythromelalgia, to be met with a blank stare! This is the usual response from most GPs, Dermatologists etc. I can hardly believe there are 810 members on this site alone, yet so little is known about EM.

At least here in UK I'm not saddled with huge medical bills (for which I am very thankful)

Thanks again Dkel,

Redhot Ruth.

Are your legs constantly red and swollen? Or does it go away with cooling like your EM in your feet? It is possible to have both. It is also possible to have EM in your legs even if you haven't previously had it in your legs. You said it didn't respond to antibiotics? To my understanding cellulitis is an infection and should respond to antibiotics. Then again some infections require stronger and longer doses of antibiotics. If it responds to cooling and gets better I would think it is EM. If it doesn't I would go back to the doctor for more treatment because you don't want to leave an infection left unchecked!

I am sorry you are having to go through this . I hope it is an infection that just needs a bit more treatment to get better.

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I was hospitalized 5 or more times in one year for cellulitis because th EM caused my leg swelling and the broken open skin got bacteria in it. I have not had it for two or three years now