Red, puffy but cold?

I already noticed this time ago, this is not the first time. Sitting at the laptop watched down my hands and one of them is shiny red, swollen but when I touch it (surprisingly nothing hurts) its cold as ice.

I can understand what Raynaud's is, what EM is, but what the hell does an icy red puffy swollen hand mean? Didn't have a flare up before nor got too cold.

Anyone experienced this?

Thanks :)

yes i have.its as if both conditions combine so you get bit of each .

I had one hand swell and become very red. It continued to get larger and spread up my arm. I went to the emergency room and they did blood tests and sent me home with an antibiotic. I saw my doctor and she put me in the hospital for 4 days with two IV antibiotics. Not until then did it go away. Hope you feel better soon!

God Bless you

Yes i certainly have, I have erythromelagia secondary to a motor nerve disease. I have had flare ups of both my hands and feet where instead of going burning hot they go freezing frost bitten cold. Like a reverse flare. 95 percent of my flaring is burning hot but i have had the opposite. Sometimes to with my feet they are very hot so i soak them in cold water which can make them go very cold for up to 6 hours after i have soaked them. So they can go cold not just hot. For me its not really raynauds as i have had frost bitten flaring after eating something im allergic to ie MSG etc then suddenly and dramaticallly i can get that feeling.

yes. i have also experienced this. in my leg,arm and in my feet at one time. during the leg and arm episode,i was takin to the emergency room,where they diagnosed me with raynauds syndrome

I get this sometimes too. Sometimes they will feel warm to me but are cold to the touch. I think it is simultaneous EM and Raynaud's happening, but the EM kinda "wins out."

I have also heard that this can be a symptom of diabetes. I was tested for that and it was negative, but if you haven't been tested you might want to consider it just to be on the safe side.

I did a discussion about this a little while back. I find that in the winter half of my flares are hot to touch and the other have freezing to touch. They feel exactly the same tho and it isn't until I touch my feet that I know whether they are cold or hot.!

I also get both sides. When the two flare together its weird. It does however, cause me pain. this condition causes so many different types of things its hard to know if its all related or if i have other things going on!