Are there any EM specialists in San Diego

Does anyone know of a of a doctor that specializes or has knowledge of EM in the San Diego area? Thank you!!

Hey jewels, I did a quick search on our site and came across this discussion. Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for your help. Unfortunately, Dr. Cohen died in this past year. I had tried to get in to see him about 3 years ago buy he was not seeing new patients at that time. The search continues!

Look for a rheumatologist they diagnosed me. My dermatologist suspected I had it but wasn’t 100% sure, but I would say rheumatologist would be the better doc to see because EM is an autoimmune disease.

It may not be related to rheumatology the cause of EM and it isn’t always an autoimmune disease there are other causes.

True I think a dermatologist could be a good place to start for example I have something scheduled with a different dermatologist for a 2nd opinion. When I went to the Mayo Clinic, my rheumatologist had me first meet with a neurologist and dermatology dept.

My neurologist who diagnosed my EM is in Santa Monica. Her name is Marisa Chang . She is awesome!!! Unfortunately she doesn’t take insurance so it’s $600.00 for initial consultation . She has had luck with radio pulsed frequency on one of her em patients . 80% improvement . It didn’t help me unfortunately! Go see her! She has quite a few EM patients and is willing to research and think out of the box for treatment. Good luck .

I live in San Diego! I would love to meet up.
I am seeing a Doctor at Scripps who diagnosed me and he is absolutely WONDERFUL. He has researched a lot about EM since seeing me. He is trouble shooting some things with me and he is using the literature to treat me. He is not an expert- but he is really great about learning and helping me.

His name is Doctor Peter Weis at Scripps Clinic in Torrey Pines

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for contacting me with the name of your doctor. Is this a private conversation between us? Let me know.


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Thanks so much for the information. I’d like to talk more with you privately. Thanks.

Hi again, I tried to e-mail you but it came back undelivered. I made an appointment with Dr. Weis. Please contact me. Tks

I am so sorry I have not looked at this in a while!
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I will be checking this constantly. I am so sorry. Please let me know what happens!

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Dr. Joshua Alexander is a neurologist at Scripps La Jolla San Diego. He has been extremely helpful in managing my EM. I had been seeing Dr. Jay Cohen when he was available as well. We have found a genetic mutation in my sodium channel, originally thought to be causal for EM, but now reclassified as a mediating factor.