Asking for opinions

I want to ask people who have EM if they think I may have it and if so what should I do. I am a heathy 53 year old with hypothyroidism and migraines but both are managed well. In my teens my feet started turning purple whenever I stood still for too long but no pain. In my early 30’s my left foot started tingling. This led to nerve pain and the feeling of being hot. All of these symptoms were intermittent. I was tested for diabetes and MS and had an EMG and everything was normal. Throughout the years since then I will sometimes have symptoms in my left foot where it becomes hot and red. It feels like someone is squeezing it. Sometimes this happens in my right foot but mainly the left. Sometimes it is also in my hands. Sometimes I have mild Raynauds when it is cold. If I sit in the sun at the pool, my feet get super hot and start tingling and I have to put them in the water. Rarely, if I am standing in the sun and it is really hot, my scalp will start tingling and it goes into my face. I have to get in my car and turn the AC on high to make it go away. Recently I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my left foot and after wearing an ankle support for a few days, my symptoms came back very strong: pain, heat, redness, tingling and the feeling of my foot being squeezed. I had to stop wearing it and the symptoms are gradually going away. Does this sound like EM?

I am one of the ModSupport team and don’t myself have EM. I see that you had the nerve conduction studies done. Has anyone considered small fiber neuropathy? It doesn’t show up with the studies that you mentioned. It sounds like you definitely have something going on.

Sharon from ModSupport