Ataxia with the EM

Hello all, I am new to this group. I have EM, RA, autonomic dysnomia and degenerative disk disease. I will attempt short walks in the cool afternoon or early morning. The longer I walk the more I stagger. The doctor says due to nerve damage I have Ataxia. Does anyone else have the ataxia with your EM. If a police would pull me I could not pass the drunk test.

Hi linda,
I am glad to read your post and saw the word dystnomia, after looking it up I can now put a dx to what has been going on with me too. First I thought it was the medicattion but notice it did not happen everyday. I don’t know what my trigger that is causing it but will now start looking out for unusual happenings. Wow, there are days that I thought I had had a stroke because I can’t even communicate with my patients because I can’t find the words to what I am trying to say. I know what I want to say but the words won’t come out and I feel really stupid. I sometime have to do lectures and pray that this won’t happend during my lecture even though it has happend. Has your doctor say what is the cause other than EM? In the meantime, I will mention it to my neurologist who takes care of my EM. I never mentioned it to her and I don’t think she realize that this sometime be happening to me .at some of my appointment. She may have thought it was common for me since I did not mention it to her. Funny, I just couldn’t get ou the right words to tell her. Oh yeah, I have had EM for 2 yrs now and now have to work 8 hour days instead of 12 hour shifts. I also have osteoarthritis, osteopenia, raynauds, pituitary tumor, recently had a heart ablation because of ARNT (svt) and now haing really bad cutical and finger problems that may be scleraderma. I too have the hand swelling especially after I have worked with my hands a lot. I will post a picture once I take one.

I am so glad you posted this, I have just looked up Dynomia and it describes me to a T... I only started having these problems when the EM struck. I also replace a word with another random word without realising it... This has ggot me into a few sticky situations, some funny others not so. I names of people, places and objects just disappear, even my best firends name at times lol. I will have to definitely look into this more as soon as I finish work... This is something to take to my doctors when I go back.