Dysnomia and EM..? Anybody else have problems with this..?

I saw on a previous post the word Dysnomia and wasn't sure what it was so looked it up. I was amazed to see that it described me to a tee. I had mild symptoms to start with but now it can be severe at times. I never had problems with name/word recalling until the symptoms of EM started.

I did speak to my doctor about this when I first went because of the numbness and pins a needles in my left toe (this is how the symptoms started with me) but I never really pursued it because the pain was far worse than the memory problems. He did look into MS and other things that would explain some of my symptoms but after a year of tests came back with my EM diagnosis.

I had MRI scans of my brain, neck and all my back but no answers were found. I just put all the symptoms down to a mixture of stress, pain and meds.

What I was wondering is if anybody else have these kind of problems either diagnosed or not diganosed.? I'd like to take some info with me to my next hospital visit.



Well I have it quite severely but I put it down to the meds I take for my small fiber neuropathy (Oxcarbazepine) they are anti-eplileptics and work by slowing down the excitibility of the brain.

I will be depressed as hell if I think its actually caused by this but thanks for flagging it up.

The Gabapentin works in much the same way and is a anti epilepsy drug too. The reason I asked this question is because I noticed these symptoms before I was actually on any medication for the EM but it's not something that I've always had. In fact the 18 months that I went into remission were free from any signs of this too. That said it has got much worse now, but then so has the pain and also the increased medication.

I had symptoms when I took Lyrica. They stopped when I quit taking the Lyrica.

Laura my wife has problems with her memory and speech and she always though it was the gabapentin,nerer had any problems before the EM.

I too have these memory problems and always attributed them to my MS (d.'92) since I had them before my EM symptoms began in 2000/2001. For the past 6-8 months I've been mostly unable to go many places because my pain, but have recently resurfaced into my community after some relief from my unrelenting pain. Now that I'm again getting out and going places I sometimes do find it difficult to put names with faces. Its great how my friends and ex b'ball players are patient with me and take time to reacquaint themselves. I only see a few here and there, and mostly going out of church so it isn't a full court press so to speak. This isn't the first time these symptoms have happened, it's just the most recent.

Thanks for your comments. I have found that my friends have been patient with me too, although I know it frustrates them esp my work colleagues when I'm trying to pass on information and can't remember the childs name I'm talking about (although I can see the face in my mind) I also find it happens with names of objects and places. I just asked my daughter why she was cutting up her bread roll with her hands when I meant with her knife and fork... And earlier I told a friend she was welcome to open a wheel instead of window. (some of my blunders have been more dangerous than that)

I'm glad to hear you are getting back into the community after a while out R. Mike :)