Betablockers and EM?

Hi Guys,

Jessa requested for some information on this topic.Assuming you might be taking take propranolol , but essentially all b blockers tend to function similarly . Have ability to "block vasodilator nerves in skin" which in theory should help with flaring. However - can by default increase chances of Raynaulds syndrome.Oh- how things are never that simple!

So, only 2 case studies touch on use of b blockers in EM sufferers . They do actually report some improvement . However, rbear in mind that whilst sounds good these case studies lack external validity ie: impossible to generalise these one offs. Again, just to remind everyone that EM is a syndrome and not a one size fits all in terms of symptoms, prognosis, symptoms,type , treatment etc...

Be very interested to hear from any Em'ers on b blockers so lets discuss.

God bless


PS: Can i just remind everyone that there is an erthyromelalgia association with lots of information on their website.

311-374167Useofbetablockerpositiveresults.pdf (2.6 MB) 312-MedicationSense.comErythromelalgia.htm (15.4 KB) 313-Tokarz_QA.pdf (213 KB)

Thank you Mads, for this and also the list of doctors. So helpful! You're a gem.