Blood clots

Hello everyone! I was just wondering if others also suffer from DVTs? I have had 2 since my EM has started and am now on blood thinners for the rest of my life. The doctors have done 2 different blood work ups and they can’t find any reason for my repeated blood clots. I do have an autoimmune condition too so it may be due to that. I just thought with EM causing so many problems with our neuro vascular system it could be related. Thank you.

Hi Alina!

The last time I was trying to get pregnant (which was 8 years ago), I was diagnosed with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, which was causing me to miscarry (3 times and this was after having two healthy pregnancies and no previous miscarriages) due to my body seeing the embryo as an invader and creating blood clots to stop it. When I was finally diagnosed, I started an anticoagulant that I took during my entire pregnancy and finally got that girl. Shortly after she was born I went to see a hematologist to make sure I was in no danger of having a DVT. He didn't even understand why I was seeing him.and looked at me like I had 2 heads. The only thing I can figure is he must have been unfamiliar with that condition and didn't want to own that so instead told me I'd be fine. So far he's been right and I hope he continues to be right. I think you're right to consider the possibility that there may be a connection though. I've often wondered that about the APA and the EM even though they were separated by 4 years.

Hi Alina - I'm on blood pressure medication (I was diagnosed when I was 36 as my blood pressure went up to 165/135) - there wasn't any identifiable reason for it. Not sure if this is related, but my blood tends to be thick and slow...and I've had some weird other things with blood and my head (e.g. sudden severe headaches (migraines) which I didn't have until about four years ago.)

Thank you for the reply KateB. I have had bouts of unexplained blood pressure jumps for months at a time. They didn’t want to medicate it because my upright blood pressure would be 160 something over 115 ish. But when I lay down it would be 90 something over 50-60 something. If they gave me blood pressure meds my lows could bee too low. After a few months it just went back to normal.i have had another cycle like that lasting a few months but once again just went back to normal. Strange! I also have started having migraines at first I used to have only these intense harp behind my eye, felt like I was being stabbed by a nice pick! But they never lasted for more than a minute or two then would just go away. They too come and go in cycles lasting months at a time before having a few months of reprieve. Are your headaches short lived or typical hours long like a normal migraine? Thanks