Canopy frame for feet


Has anyone tried one of these, it is made to keep the covers off your feet and legs. I saw this once, but never tried one...

Hi Jon. I never saw this one as I made my own years ago because the ones I could buy didn’t protect enough of me! I can’t tolerate bedclothes from below my ribcage down to my feet. I just have a thin fleecy (infant sized) blanket over my shoulders. Made all the difference though I still have to add ice packs strapped to my calves to keep my feet/legs from flaring at night.

Yes I have used a leg frame. I was advised to use one following toe surgery and found it very useful. As a makeshift measure one can use a kitchen style chair. This protection keeps bed clothes away from the lower limbs. A sheet can be draped over the frame or chair to give a constant comfortable ambient temperature. The one I used was for one limb. Don't know if there is a double style to protect both limbs.

Looks good, but not for me as I have my ceiling fan going all night and it wouldn't get to me, I just move the covers out of the way.

They should desngn one with a built in air conditioner!

Well wouldn’t that be great!

The one suggested in the web address - blanket adjustable etc - works if you have just a sheet and very light blanket and only holds the covers out for a short distance and not very high off the bed. Look closely at the distances described for this item. I found it a a pharmacy/medical supply store and decided it would not work as it was not high enough or extend far enough onto the bed. What I do use is the Freedom Grip Handle - it is designed to be at the side of the bed to assist a person to get in and out of bed. It attaches to a board that goes under the mattress and is very sturdy. I have two of these at the end of the bed. They are 20 inches high and by themselves would not work so I have cardboard that is 42 inches high between the handles and at the end of the mattress. The top sheet attaches to the top of the cardboard - part of the cardboard folds over beyond the 42 inches - with alligator clamps or tape. This creates a high "tent" and a high air space for my feet and lower legs to stay cool. My blanket can also attach to the top of the cardboard. Cost of the Freedom Grips is about $50.00 (USD) each. Attaching the cardboard to the curve of the grip is done with cable ties and a small board on the back of the cardboard. This works for me. I first did this following foot surgery and since the surgery flared the EM, I have continued it. Maybe someone else can use this idea or modify it. Seattle Girl

That sounds very innovative Seattlegirl. I made mine from a fire guard and extended it with the side of a child’s cot so that it comes up to my waist as I can’t bear any covers on my legs. Total cost £25, about $40 and worth its weight in gold.