Capsaicin cream and Huiroid cream - anyone tried them yet?

Got a prescription for capsaicin cream today. Suppose to help with the burning and pricking nerve pain. Contains chilli and apparently works .Going to start using from tonight so watch this space lol!. Also, for the bruising or bulging veins I have huiroid cream, containing saliva from leeches. It's really cooling and soothing (prescription only). I'm using now for a few weeks.

Has anyone tried this yet for EM or other neuropathy?

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i have gone through bad experiences trying creams with capsaicin or other warming creams. It made my flare get much worse. I have had much better luck with cooling creams or gels especially if they have lidocaine in them.

That goes for foods too. Some cause heat in the body (like cinnamon for example) which will trigger a flare for me.

have you had any benefit from the cream? has anyone tried the Qutenza cream?

I have used 10% capsacian cream. The cream would be applied in the hospital and they would make sure I had something for the pain like a epiderual. It made my feet hurt more for the first two weeks but then after I got 60% pain relief. I would have this treatment done every 6 months. The over the counter cream did not touch the pain and the patch didnt really help me.

Capsaicin in the news . Research Update on its use in chronic pain .

I haven’t tried either of these yet. Thank you so much for keeping us up on how it goes for you.

Yes I have tried both Capsacain and Hirodoid cream. The Capsacain should I understand be applied four times a day. This regularity brings on the heating up sensation. It has been prescribed to me for the general pain of Rheumatism. Hirodoid has been prescribed for various skin inflammations.

I have tried Capsaicin cream (OTC), but I haven't had the fortitude to stick it out until it starts to work, since it really burns me. I had never heard of Huiroid cream, but I will mention it to my doctor. I do use MagniLife Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream, which I get at Walmart. I usually use it at night before I go to bed, and I sometimes use it during the day, as it is cooling, and it helps, albeit temporarily. If that last bit is off-topic, please feel free to delete it. I just thought it might help someone.


I live in Sweden and I have also try this cream and i do think it works but you can`t use it to the hands, and it is dificult to use your hand after. I accidently touch my eye and it hurts.

What to use on the hands to take away the burning?

Regards Lena

I tried it years ago, given for PN pain, didn’t help. I wouldn’t think it would be beneficial for EM pain, as this isn’t a sensation of heat, but really hot feet. I have worn out shoes back when I wore them, the heat just breaks down the glue in the shoe…