Cold and heat intolerance

I have cold and heat intolerance, anyone with tips how to manage this. Also my sleep has been effected for the last 2 months. I fall asleep around 7am sleep for 3-4hrs and I am so so tired all the time. I have tried 2 sleeping tablets made no difference, again any tips would be appreciated.



I am having the same problem right now! let me know if u find any solutions.

Hi, I started having problems sleeping about a year ago because of my feet getting really hot at night, easing off in the morning - when I could finally get some sleep. A fan all night at maximum power gave me some relief but still couldn't sleep more than 2h during the night. A chillow can help a bit too.

Adequate medication that controls flaring did it for me (in my case, 50 mg sertraline/day) but people react differently to meds so you may have to try a few different ones before getting results.Before that I tried: ~130 mg of Magnesium/day - made it much worse for me; ~20mg propanolol/day had no relevant effect.

Good luck, I hope you can find something that brings you relief!

I keep it very cold in my bedroom and have the fan on my feet all night. Between about 55 and 60 degrees. It’s just right for my feet but way too cold for the rest of me. I got a wearable sleeping bag, called a Selk Bag on Amazon. I have been sleeping like a baby in it and my arthritis pains are also lessened by the toasty bag. It has zip off feet. It was quite expensive, $200, but well worth it to me.

I’m still trying to get a diagnoses, but have been suffering with this for a couple of years now. A doctor in emergency prescribed gabapentin for the nerve pain I was experiencing. The way I described it was that it felt like all my nerves in my toes were on fire. When I’m in a really bad flare up I take them all day and an extra one at night as well as keeping my feet out of the covers but only have to take them at night during mild flares. It has been a godsend for me. Hope you find your relief soon.

I have been taking acetominiprin PM 500mg plus a regular acetominiprin, 500mg at bedtime, for many months, and have had little pain to bother me at night, except infrequent jabbibg. Before I started on these, I had difficult time going to sleep. I now have started Gabapectin, and I sleep even sounder. These haven't helped the pain during daytime, though.