Covid vaccine and EM

Has anyone with EM been advised not to get Covid of flu vaccines?

I have EM and Raynaud’s and wonder why you are asking?
Is there any indication that it is not a good idea?
I am scheduled for both flu and covid vaccines next month as I am a carer!
Have been a bit worried about it as I was not well after them last year.

Just read a post somewhere where someone else was asking. Thought I’d ask on our EM site.

Ive not heard any advice against, but will make an enquiry with my doctor if I can .
If I hear anything about it I will get back to you here,

I think this might be a good idea to read.

it is in the section on treatment:

I remembered I read this last year and did have the jabs.
Hope it helps.

I have primary EM and Raynaud’s. I’ve had 3 vaccinations (all Pfizer in my case) and had zero EM issues with any of them. My thinking is that there is reason to suspect we may be at higher risk than average pop if we catch Covid (considering the vascular infection aspect, clots, and “Covid toes” that look like chilblains many of us have had), and those risks are significantly higher if unvaxxed. I’m getting my bivalent shot in a few days.

I will certainly get vaccinated as the new strain is spreading like wildfire, and I have responsibilities!
in the meantime I will be very cautious! Still its quite a strain on the body to have both vaccines at the same time !?

I feel like this is a personal decision. I opted to have both vaccines at once, and had no ill effects. My husband still needs to go, and he is opting to have them a week apart, as he’s concerned about side effects. He had a strong reaction to a vaccine and was unwell for a few days last spring, so he’s a bit extra cautious. I’m giving me young adult children the option to do it either way. As a mom I would prefer if they get them done at the same time, just to guarantee that both shots are completed.

Sharon from ModSupport

Neither my GP nor the specialist who follows my case said anything against it. I’m 71, and, along with my husband, received the Covid shot as well as the initial follow-up booster. Neither of us experienced any complications. neither of us plan to get any further Covid related vaccinations. There’s just too much overall controversy that concerns us.

There’s no controversy. If you follow the science and stay away from political agendas, you’ll realize the vaccine is much safer than getting covid.

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