Covid vaccine

Has anyone had the covid vaccine yet and have you had any adverse reactions? Here in the UK we are given either the AstraZeneca or the Pfizer vaccine.

I had my first dose of Pfizer a few days ago and had the expected painful arm with some swelling (but zero redness/heat) at the injection site. The sore arm started setting in fast - about ten minutes after the shot. The next day, I was fatigued, but feeling better by evening. My temp rose about a half-degree that afternoon, but was also back to normal by evening. The sore deltoid took a little longer to resolve, but is all better today. I’ve heard the second shots tend to be worse, but my first was pretty mild, at least. My EM is extremely likely to be genetic and I’m not on any meds at the moment (other than vitamin D to keep a deficiency corrected).

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Thanks LibbyK, it’s good to hear you have only had the normal expected reactions.

I had my 1st shot on 3/17 with the Pfizer vaccine. I can happily say my arm didn’t get sore nor it seems have I experienced any other side effects. I say “seem” only because my flares have been extremely bad since having a gallbladder attack on 2/26.

The first shot wasn’t too bad but the second was bad. I guess your second shot can have worse side effects, because that means it’s working. I had a lot of burning all over my body, flares and muscles. Chills, fever, felt sick. No vomiting or anything, just eventually got better.

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Just a question did your EM stay the same after vaccine

Hey I wanted to point out there was a rare report with little data out there of some who had EM supposedly from a POX virus in China many years ago. And supposedly they cured it with monoclonal Antibodies. Some treatments for covid use mono-clonal antibodies, but I doubt they are the same ones used in China, but it’s interesting to see odd data from some odd reports of outbreaks. There is a drug that can cause burning foot syndrome in lab animals and a monoclonal antibody that will cure that in animals. But I have no idea what the Chinese did in that outbreak that supposedly cured it in many college students. Supposedly they used some monoclonal antibody, but was it a vet based one used “off label” on humans? Who knows in China, if the data will ever be available and apparently that was an epidemic like outbreak and likely not the cause of most EM in the world.