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Anyone know if EM has ever qualified for social security insurance as a disability if flares effect ones ability to attend work/school? Our child already has qualifying child conditions but wondering if others have explored this resource as adults it for children?

As adults or for children?

Hi. I recently applied but I was denied. They say almost everyone is denied the first go around and I am appealing at this time. I had disability insurance through my employer and they awarded me benefits. They said I was a good candidate for social security and they are helping with my appeal. I am confidant I will be approved this time around because the private insurance awarded me and they have the same criteria. I must be disabled from ANY employment not just my current ( now past) job. Just don't give up if they say no the first time as they probably will. It's like standard procedure :)

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I did in 2009--in record time my attny told me. Everyone I hear is denied the first time. Attny appealed and then I got it.I wrote about 7 pages in tiny writing. That's what I was told to do by the SSA agent that was on my info if I needed any help. I gave 3 Drs name. they didn't know about EM but I had been their patient for a long time. My GP, Pain Dr and Neurologist,

I had to quit my job at Post Office after 20 years.

I am 28, developed EM at 25 and have been mostly unemployed ever since, since I can't work the physical jobs I used to, and I have no qualifications to get a desk job. I understand there are programs for disabled children, and there are disability benefits for older adults who have worked career jobs for many years. I'd like to extend this discussion to hear from younger adults with latter-early onset EM like myself, if I may, since I feel like I'm left in the mud when it comes to employment and benefits.

Hi I have had EM for 19 years....initially no one knew what it was and after seeing many specialists and undergoing nerve and skin biopsies without a diagnosis I stopped seeing doctors for more than 10 years...my EM was bearable until the last 3 or 4 years. I finally found a doctor through someone on this site last year and got officially diagnosed. I have EM in my feet, legs, hands, face and can no longer work.I also have another vein problem that they are still working to diagnose. I am now on disability thanks to my doctor. I live in Canada so not sure exactly how it works in the usa....I use a walker and a wheelchair if going to any outings that require walking any distance. I have a wheelchair parking permit and disability has helped me quite a bit.

Hi bingo. Where abouts are you in canada I live in canada too and would like to know how you got around to getting the disability pension thanks in advance and p.s. How long did it take

I live in Brampton, Ontario....I am on Ontario disability...they initially turned me down, my family doctor submitted the paper work...you get the forms from Ontario disability...when I was turned down, I forwarded everything to my specialist. He sent all my test results and a letter stating that my em was severe and I was no longer able to work( I have had em for 19 years)....they give you 30 days to dispute their findings, they reversed their decision within two weeks of receiving the information from my specialist and retro paid me to when I first submitted the paper work from my family doctor. People have told me that they never approve you initially...because I was not officially diagnosed until last year, and have not been able to work much for the past ten years, I did not qualify for any disability from CPP. I am treated at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto,

Hello bingo thanks for letting me know where you are but I cannot believe you suffer for so long how do you cope , I am ready to pull the towel under myself it is so bad could you tell me what kind of doctor finally told you what you had and what are you using for the pain or any medication pls help me bingo I don.tknow what to do anymore I am in the ottawa region on the quebec side so any information from you would greatly help me . Even my doctor do not know and dismisses me waiting for your reply

Hello bingo it would be my pleasure to speak with you if you have Facebook account and want to befriends let me know thanksagain

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In UK - yes it can qualify for disability benefits but as refractory pain. To my knowledge EM isnt on list. For any UK /European members if you need help applying please ask- Ill be happy to help. Link is best site going to take through each step of claim.


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Yes, EM cualifies to SSI, me and my 2 kids have EM and we receive SSI.

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