Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Hi Everyone

Unfortunately, my condition has progressed to a stage I am really struggling to even work from home. Just wondering if anyone - especially in Australia - has been successful in obtaining a Total and Permanent Disability payout as a result of severe, chronic EM.

Also, interested in anyone who has been successful in obtaining a disability pension.

Many thanks.

Hi there. I’m sorry I can’t help with your question because I live in the us. I just wanted to offer my condolences. I too can’t work any more because of this and have applied for disability. I am still waiting to hear back. May I ask are you at peace with not working any more? It was so hard for me to stop but I had no choice. I feel a thousand times better not working. I no longer cry every day from pain. I still have plenty of pain just not that screaming sobbing pain because I am now in control and can stop what is triggering it and control my environment keeping it about 63 in my home. I wish you the best. I would love too hear how you are getting along. Take care

I’m sorry about the road to get there but I am glad you found peace in your situation. It makes the biggest difference in happiness. Some people can’t understand how for the most part I am quite happy. I go through hours at a time every month or two where I just get frustrated and cry and say why me! But I never let it get out of control. After a good cry I move on and am back to my normal happy self. It usually happens when I can’t even do the little things I have accepted as my new normal. I am used to being able to go to the grocery store as long as I don’t stay more than 10-15 minutes but sometimes I go and 5 minutes in I have to leave or I end up just crying in the line because I am almost done! Those times really get to me when I can’t even do what I can do! I’m glad you have your new puppy. I have 2 cats and they help a lot. The company when everyone else is out and about working and living normal life. They never fail to make me laugh and that is always good medicine. As you said you are still going through tests. You never know when they might find something that will help and you can go back to normal or at least a little closer. It has already been so long for me I don’t know what I would do with myself if I got better. My job as a flight attendant is long gone. I couldn’t go back to that. It is a seniority based occupation and I left after 16 years. I just couldn’t go back to the bottom of the barrel. It would be an exciting opportunity to start a whole new life. I could just pick anything! Ok. Not anything. I’m not that optimistic a person. I am not going to be a doctor or anything! But I could find some new passion and go for it! If only just a dream. Enjoy the best you can your extra time with your family and new puppy! Take care