Do you think i may have Erythromelalgia?

Hey guys, im 16 male, slim... i think i may of had this condition since i was 15. Everytime i come out the shower and or in warm conditions my hand and feet go bright red and i can actually feel the pressure from the blood in my hands and feet. I'm not actually 100% if this is ethyromelalgia but am pretty certain i may also think i have raynauds disease but when cold my hands go bright purple rather than white, may you guys try and fill me in to wether you think i may have the illness?


hi, have you looked at the list of doctors on this site to see if there are any near you? I have found that at least 2/3 of all medical professionals have never heard of EM before, and often if they have they are unclear of what it is. also, do you have any family members who have the same signs and symptoms? it is my understanding that the heritable form is generally autosomal dominant so oftentimes people who get this at a younger age are more likely to have the primary form vs a secondary form. There is a genetic test that can be done to see if you might have this form.

good luck to you with this! I've been dealing with the hot hands and feet thing since I was about 8 years old. I really didn't know this was a specific condition until somewhat recently, and I still haven't had the testing done, though I have a cousin who is an MD and he apparently has this as well. I don't know if his is acquired or inherited, and pretty much all the relatives on that side, including my father, are deceased so I can't ask. I'm the only one in my immediate family who has this, so who knows...

take care!


Okay thank you i shall visit my local doctors... also i have an autoimmune disease would this affect mny chances of getting EM?

Also take note that both my parents have Autoimmune diseases as well.

hi again Jed, I think you will find on this site a long list of Co occurring autoimmune diseases and EM. I think there is a considerable amount of people with conditions such as scleroderma, lupus, polycythemia vera, etc who have EM secondary to their conditions. The usual best treatment, to my understanding, is to treat the primary disease (s) then the EM often improves. but I don't have a tremendous amount of experience with this, so the stuff I'm saying is just what I understand to be the case, not factual. good luck with yours!

Okay again, Thank you Linda.

Erythromelalgia is usually accompanied by other illnesses as mentioned in the recent comments. It sounds like u have a big possibility of having this though. The redness and swelling of the hands and feet could have hives as well. I’m young too and was diagnosed when I was 15 but been having the symptoms since I was in 8th grade. Smh we thought it was athlete feet all along

Have you gone to the doctor to try and get a diagnosis. I found out I had EM when I was 13