Doctors knwledgable about EM


My name is Linda. I saw the discussion about the type of MD that you should see. I see a neurologist and a rheumtologist, but because I am diabetic all the foot and hand problems are blamed on the diabetes. Growing up I reember my mothers hands always being bright red and very hot, so much so as I got older I did not like her to touch me. I do not know what her feet looked like. My feet are always burning and at times itchy and the souls are always red. I really suffer at night and can not stand to have anyone touch my feet. I can not stand to wear closed toes shoes and unless it is raining or snowing I wear sandels outside. Also can not stand to have blankets touch my feet. My hands burn and get red as well and sometimes I have the redness on my face.

I live on Long Island in New York and was wondering if there is an MD on Long Island that might specilize in this condition.

I am not computer smart and could not figure out how to get into the previous discussion. It does not help that I have an old computer from about 1995.

Linda Weinschenk

Hi Linda

I can give you the name of somebody in NYC if that helps.