Does any know of a connection between EM and Ethrymea Nodosom?

Recently I was diagnosed with Ethrymea Nodosom...which is an infection of the third layer of fat and causes rashes on the skin.....I am trying to figure out if it has any relation to my EM...has anyone heard of this and any relation? It is causing great pain and flares so I am hoping for medication info if possible....any help is appreciated :)

I specifically joined this forum just to comment on this. I have had Raynaud's for 15 years, and I believe I have EM too. I have been having weird skin break outs/lesions on and off for over 10 weeks that my doctor believes may be Erythema Nodosum. Her exact words were, "You're going to laugh, because I always see Erythema Nodosum in my patients with circulation/vascular problems."

She said that there wasn't really a hard, documented relationship, but that as a doctor she tends to see EN in people with circulatory problems.

I do want to tell you, however, that my Dr. didn't really know about an "inverse of Raynaud's" which is what I explained my hot hands/hot feet as and that she referred me to a dermatologist to get a sure-fire diagnosis on the EN. However, the derm couldn't schedule me until a week later and by that time my lesions had reached the big bruise stage, and the derm said he couldn't diagnose what had caused the bruise (he was also a jerk and said something about them being bug bites or pimples--as if people just sprout two inch long "pimples" on their legs). Sooooo I might not be the best source on the subject, but I certainly do feel your frustration! Let me know if you hear of anything, and good luck to you! Hang in there!