Does your sleeping position ever cause flaring?

Howdy Everyone! Thought I'd pose the question. I have noticed that when I sleep on my back there is minimal flaring but when I turn to one side or the other it provokes warmer feet.

Anyone have a similar experience. Any thoughts on why might this happen?

I have not had this happen. I've been sleepin' on my side every night lately. Perhaps you have a tendency to get your feet under the covers sometimes when you sleep on your side, since you could curl up in ways you wouldn't if on your back? Does it happen to both your feet, or just the one on the side you're laying on, or anything like that? I tend to have a mild flare anytime I wake up (even after dozing a moment on the sofa) - is it when you awaken, or does it already seem to be a full-on flare that started while you were sleeping?

The same thing happens to me! I flare much worse (and much longer into the morning) when I sleep on my side. Problem is, I always switch to my side in the middle of the night, unconsciously. I wish I'd stay on my back all night.

I know that just laying down irritates my foot and it gets red. not sure why. but yeah when i wake up it is not any better untill i cool my foot off

Whereas I must sleep on my back. flaring comes from?

Our Childs flares happen most in evenings and sleep time seems to be the most relief he gets. I wonder if placing a pillow under your knees would help with staying on your back. I do this to decrease swelling in my feet that I get when I haven’t had enough water in a day.


After spending 2 years sleeping in my recliner because It helped so much to minimize my night time pain I am finally back in bed! At least during the winter months. The body position of the recliner and the fact it is cooler than a bed has helped reduce my pain. Every time I would try to sleep in bed again it was always too much pain to handle. I recently bought a wedge pillow for my upper body and one for under my knees to keep my feet up and it has helped immensely . It is like the recliner position but in bed!!!!! Once summer comes though I go back to my chair because I can't keep it cold enough in bed especially with my husbands body heat. Even if it's for only part of the year just being back in my own bed is something to celebrate!

I hope this helps.

Take care,


I know it might be cost-prohibitive, but I got one of those adjustable-base beds, and it really helps me find a comfortable way to sleep (especially with acid reflux too).

I made a support for the sheet and down comforter that keeps them off my feet at the end of the bed (king size). There are commercial ones available for twin size but not for king and buying two twin ones would not work. I used two Freedom grip economy bed rails available at placed at end of bed not sides as designed with a folded cardboard the width of bed. Sheet and comforter over top of that and my feet have a "tent" that is cooler than if bed clothes are on them. Best if I am on my back but also works if I am on my sides. Just an idea.