Effexor for Night burning and coupled with Norvasc

Hi anyone successful on Effexor specifically for night burning as an adjunct to Norvasc? OR even on its own?Thank you in advance

I have received quite a bit of relieve from Effexor (Venlafaxine). I take it at lunch, but it helps. Not flare free, but much more manageable.

thanks but right now it is on hold as I had to start a diuretic for kidney
disease and they did not want to muddy the waters…
do you take anything else?

Effexor did nothing for me, Norvasc made my feet and ankles swell unbelievably! Elavil heled with sleeping, but caused such personality changes, my precious hubby politely asked me to stop taking it, lol. Started on viagra, 50 mg which worked short term, time for another try. …lookin into natural remedies, Dr. Jay Cohen who suffered greatly with EM has several informative articles.

thanks there must be an answer!