Looking for Anne1 or others who have tried Effexor

I read a post from Anne1 I think from 2014 talking about some success in EM pain and flares using Effexor. She also said she sees Dr. Jorizzo in NYC. I have been seeing Dr J since June 2014.
If Anne1 is reading this, I wonder is she would post to tell us if she is still doing well. If she would like to send a friend request I would welcome it. I have had EM since July 2013 and it is deemed to be the result of nerve damage caused by anorexia nervosa
My feet were blue for a year and then my toes went numb and a year later the EM started.
I have not found any treatments to help me. I have constant pain- burning in my feet. The on,yo time I am pain free is when I sleep and have the room at about 60’degrees and have lower legs uncovered When I wake up my feet feel "normal till I touch them and feel with my hands that they are as cold as ice. They don’t feel cold but they are to the touch.

I am very sad,frustrated and angry at what has happened to my life. It is a long story and I won’t bore you but I would love to know if effexor has helped anyone and to what extent and how much the dose is.

And if Anne 1 is around I would love to hear from her. I am seeing Dr J again this week and would like to have some idea to share. I have tried gabapentin two compound creams, nortriptyline and tramadol and the lidocaine patch no to avail.

Many thanks and I hope that all,of you are finding ways to cope with your EM.


Sorry to hear about you
I am on venlafaxine witch is the generic of Effexsor
I thought it was working at first then I took more no further change I am taking 3 daily you need to start slow and build up . What has worked the most for the pain is lyrica I did not have side effects with that . I use cold packs for my feet if flared and take them to bed at night .
Hope you get relief . Stay cool

Hello! I’m taking Venlafaxine 225mg XR per day. It has helped me immensely. I started with a low dose and over time it was increased up to the 225mg. I have just about tried everything, so I was feeling like I was running out of options. I also take Butterbur and Feverfew, which are herbs that are supposed to help with vascular tone. Additionally, I take Propanolol which has helped with the tingling in my hands and legs. I’m not 100%, but I’m so much better. The side affects were a little tough at first, but very worth pushing through. Glad to help in anyway I can!

Hi Flame,
Thank you for your reply. I have been off the discussions for several weeks as my father is in the hospital. I really appreciate this advice. I am seeing my doctor in a few weeks and plan to discuss this topic for sure!
Thanks again,

Dear Bootcamper,
Thank you for this advice. I am getting ready to discuss the Effexor plan with my doctor whom I will see in a few weeks. I am ready to try something else as I have not found relief from what I have been trying. I know you are taking other things too but your success with Effexor - even if improvement levels out would be welcome. Any improvement is better than day to day suffering.
Thank you so much again!


Any luck with the Effexor? I sure hope so!