Has anybody tried Venlafaxine.?

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has used Venlafaxine..?? My Dr has suggested this as a next step after not being able to continue the Duloxetine, I am dubious about trying anything else at the minute because I've had loads of sleep problems over the last year with different medications.

I would be grateful to hear whether anybody has used this for EM and depression..??



I use this (which is generic for Effexor) in combination with Gabapentin. Before I got EM, I wasn’t on any medications. I was afraid to try anything due to side effects, etc. I worked my way up and am now on the 150 mg extended release form and have no side effects. I think it does help with depression as well; not to say I don’t have a bad day here or there. I’m not sure if it’s helps with sleeping as I am also on Gabapentin which can make you sleepy. I dont think it interferes with my sleeping. I usually have trouble sleeping if i am stressed and my mind is racing. If I can’t fall asleep, I use the sleep program on my FSM (frequency specific microcurrent machine) and it almost always puts me to sleep.

Hello Laura, Don't know much about the Venlafaxine, but interested to know why you are no longer able to take the Duloxetine. I thought that was working fairly well for you. Tilly

Thanks KB904, my Dr said he would start me off on a tiny dose if I agree to try it and work up to a higher dose until I get relief.

Tilly, I stopped taking it because the longer I was on it the less sleep I was getting, I felt like I was in a no better position than when I was sleeping all day and night. I was just as sluggish, had a foggy brain and started to get depressed. I stopped taking it when I went away for the week becuae the thought of having to share a room with my sister when not being able to sleep worried me. I felt that I couldn't get up and read, watch tv or do anything without disturbing others. Plus would struggle to work full time on no sleep.

Pain wise I found duloxetine AMAZING but it seems anything that helps seem to come with unmanagable side effects.

I take Effexor, but was taking it prior to my EM diagnosis. I have been on it for years for depression, which it has worked well for. It has not helped the EM at all, unfortunately! It does not help me sleep either, as I tend to get an opposite effect, so I take it in the morning. I take Ambien to help me sleep if I’m having an especially bad night. That, & ice packs on my feet usually make for a decent night!

I was wondering if you stopped the meds all at once and what effect did that have on ur pain. I’m a social worker and know that when people stop meds suddenly can really cause all sorts of sleep, pain and panic. Issues. Hope ur doing better. Keep us posted

Thanks for the info. Yes I did stop all ym meds at once but that was because I was desperate, on holiday and couldn't imagine having to suffer another night of no sleep. I did feel depressed for a few weeks and obviously the pain came back but I actually started to feel alive again. I had suffered a year of feeling like I was constantly drunk, brain fog, sleep problems etc. I now feel like I am me again and am trying desperately to deal without the need for medication. I am not sure how long this will last but the alvie feeling I've got at the minute is making it worth putting up with the pain... I am now sleeping MUCH better, i wake maybe once or twice a night but that's a dream compared to before. !

Hi there! this is my first post in this wonderful support group.

I'm no doctor and don't pretend to be. I can share my experience:

I've been taking Venlafaxine (Effexor) for over 10 years for anxiety/depression. I've only experienced the EM symptoms over the last year. So at least for me, it doesn't appear to have any relationship/impact on whatever is causing this constant, yet random inflammation.

As for the venlafaxine's help with my "mind buzz" (difficulty falling asleep because my mind is racing and I can't slow it down with regular meditation/biofeedback techniques), it is great. Also, the time-release version (Effexor XR) is much more effective for me than the regular, generic pills.

That said, every body is different. The one thing to know about venlafaxine is that you must remember to take it around the same time every day. If you forget a dose, you may start to feel nausea and a bit "off."

Good luck!

I've taken effexor for 9 months now and it never helped my pain but do believe it lessened my depression. My doctor just increased the dose from 150 to 225 mg and I take it at night along with trazadone. I also take gabapentin 600(sometimes 900 depends on my pain) 3x a day. All of these I was taking before EM. I've decided not to take any other meds except vitamins and herb. Anyways I haven't noticed any negative side effects from effexor.


Hi Lauraflora
So sorry to hear you are doing poorly. I did try venlaflaxine last year and truly hated it, the side effects, nausea, cold sweats, trembling, anxiety, were just not worth the effort (and that at the lowest possible dosage) not to mention it did nothing to help with sleeplessness and EM.
I have however begun a new treatment which doesn’t do anything for my EM but I am FINALLY getting some sleep, teva trazodone, once prescribed as an anti depressant it is now used to treat sleep disorders with absolutely no dependancy and little side effect (slight headache) I use the lowest dosage, 50mg
Hope this helps…keep us posted

Hi Laura,

I also tried Duloxetine and I had all of the top 8 side effects at once, so that lasted exactly one dose. I then switched to Venlafaxine and had far fewer side effects, but less efficacy, so stopped it.

Have you tried Propranalol? It was some help for my feet and knees, though it caused me arm pain so I had to stop it.

Good luck.

Hi, i tried venlafaxine, it helped with the flares, but i was sleepy all day. It was unbearable, i couldnt drive a car without worrying that i fall asleep.. But it helped.. I suppose everyone should try it.. you never know which side effects will happen to you.


I have be n on it for a while now and finally seem to be getting less side effects. My sleeping pattern is almost back to normal this week so hopefully with this and gabapentin I will find a combination that works.

I’m so happy to hear this! I use both these in combination and they seem to work the best for me. I know everyone has different side effects, both these two drugs along with FSM (frequency specific microcurrent) and low dose naltrexone (at night) allow me to work full time and socialize more. I even hiked (not without pain, just tolerated it better). Of course when I am focused on something I love, it’s so much easier to block out the pain. Doing something that keeps my mind busy even helps. Best of luck and I hope to hear another positive progress report! :slight_smile: