An old topic but need advice- Effexor- any positive results?

Hello Friends,

It has been a long while since I posted. Friday marks 2 years with EM for me (the syndrome- but not diagnosed till June 2014). I have tried gabapentin and treating my underlying condition which by all accounts was deemed to be nutritional neuropathy ( an eating disorder). I have fought hard to gain 30 pounds and have never relapsed but my feet are still plagued by the burning of the EM.

I am about to try an antidepressant. We all know about amitriptyline but what about effexor? I read that some of you have had good results with effexor. Could any of you who has had a good response please give me some feedback? I have an appointment coming up with a very expensive neurologist who is open to trying effexor before the more conventional TCAs. But I would like to be able to share some positve information about EM and effexor with him,

Also I would welcome "bad reviews" what were the side effects like for you?

Many thanks to all,