Effexor for em

Hi everyone !

So I guess I am trying Effexor next. My doctor said that menopause women are given small doses of this. That they complain of energy and so maybe not good at night. But from what I read here and online it seems that it makes you tired.

The one thing I don’t like is it is more likely to cause side effects and is way more harder to get off with withdrawal then any other sike med.

Great. But still have to give a try right? So I am starting at small dose. I’m just wondering if I should start in the morning or night. Hmmmmmm

Anyone have tiredness or energy?

Thanks and hope you fell well today.

I was put on cymbalta which is very similar and definitely take it at night at first then after you get used to it decide when to take it. I was zonked for the first two weeks and I was on a low dose but it did help with my em pain in combo with gabapentin. My dose was increased a couple weeks ago and I was again zonked for about 10 days. But after you go through the zonk stage you feel happier, or at least I did. I noticed my irritability was completely gone! I would actually take it in the evening so you aren’t too tired to get up in the morning.

ray and melinda…

are you still on these meds and have they helped 1) reduce flares… frequency, duration, severity
2) reduces pain
3) both

and what dosage are you up to?

If you have insurance, I’d sure try Lyrica over gabapentin. I never had any side effects from Lyrica and it was much easier to get to a higher dosage. I take 400mg/day and the max is 600. Flares still hurt, but are much more manageable. Also, Lyrica goes off patent end of this year so it will have a generic by next year.

Hey there! I’ve been on Effexor (Venlafaxine XR) for over a year. It most definitely has helped me. Now, I still flare but keeping your nerves at bay is so helpful.

Something I’ve discovered over the last two weeks is that I think I’ve made me EM worse with cooling techniques and elevation. I think we often are so desperate for relief, we seek cooling mechanisms. I’m finding now that the rebound effect is something I manage to create all by myself! :frowning:

In reading some of the articles RayOfHope suggested regarding soaking in warm water for 20-30 minutes a day and allowing my feet to eventually recover on their own (as painful as it can be) is proving to help so much. So basically any time I flare (hands or feet) I try and let my body get it figured out.

Interestingly enough, it seems to be helping.

Anyhow, thought I’d share. Appreciate everyone’s feedback posted!!

Made my em worse. No go for me as every other medicine.

I’m noticing something similar – I’m trying to keep the temp in my home warmer and warmer and think it is helping a little. Next I am going to try bath soaking (I have to mentally prepare for this…) It’s confusing because any article on EM says “Pain is relieved by cooling or elevating” … which makes it seem like trying to continuously cool/elevate is the way to go … but I don’t think it is.

Glad the effexor has helped you – what dose are you at, I’m curious? Was this the first antidepressant you tried for the EM?


I take 225mg of Venlafaxine XR. It took several months to build up to it. The initial side effects can be a little tough, but it will pass. I promise. Likewise, I hear it’s tough stuff to get off of, too. BUT, quality of life is important!!

I’m beginning to wonder though if creating a warmer enviroment and using the hot baths every day isn’t the only thing I really need.

I see my neuro in March and will definitely visit with her then. Take care and hope you find some relief!

Neither Effexor or cymbalta helped my pain or flares. The main effect, after the first couple weeks of adjusting to the meds, was massive loss of feeling in my sexual parts, the really important part regarding pleasure especially. Since I wasn’t getting any benefit from these meds it was easy to stop taking them (I gave each 3 months). Happy to at least have that small but important part of my life back; considering how much pain I have, losing that bit of pleasure was glaring.