EM & now RA!

Hello everybody!

I have not been very active on this group but on most days, this is all I have got in terms of support, so thank you so much!

The past year has been tough, it was a nightmare to find a doctor who had heard of Erythromelalgia even though I had self diagonsed myself in the very first month of my symptoms showing out of nowhere. It started with pins and needles and after a couple of months I found my feet getting red hot. Just when I was trying to make significant changes in my lifestyle and coming to terms with the fact that I am going to have to live like this for a long time to come, I got my blood tests yesterday and I have a positive Anti-CCP which from what I have been reading means I am now going to head the Rheumatoid Arthritis way and my EM could be secondary. :(((

This latest finding has made me go in serious depression and I would appreciate any help/suggestions/advice. I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist tomorrow.



I have just read a book about autoimmune disorders that says you should give up gluten. My EM doctor says it probably won't help with EM. The book is by Dr Susan Blum and she talks about RA in the book.

Just an idea.