EM with minimal discomfort? And no pain? Someone? Possible?

Is this possible? Or does every EM get worse over time?

Can someone here be related to having EM for years and still not expressing any pain/and minimal discomfort?

30% of people get worse 30% improve 30% stay the same and only 10% have it go away. It is highly unlikely it is em with minimal discomfort, it is probably that you are suffering from something else, it could be blood pooling (I would suggest getting checked by a vascular doctor) as em is characterised by severe burning pain as the main symptom. Your best bet is getting checked for vascular symptoms as trust me em is something no one wants to live with.

But u said it yourself, at first u didnt have ANY pain or so yourself? Before it keept getting worse?

Because my symptoms right now, is VERY red toes when very warm/heat or hot showers, but no pain. I can workout normally and have no pain.

My foot/toes gets also a bit hot when warm, and thats it. But i am afraid that these will be getting worse, what do u think? I have had these symptoms myself since january, and they are the same.

No one here can predict the future. You will have to wait and see.

You’re off to a good start if your symptoms have remained static for 6 months. However, stress itself is a risk factor for all sorts of disease. Anxiety permeates your responses. You need to find a way to relax while this sorts itself out.

I think the answer you want is yes and it probably is possible, but that still doesn’t mean it’s probable.

I hope for your sake it does not get worse, I did not have any pain until my em presented itself when I was 14 after two ankle surgeries, I was on heavy pain medication at the time and there was no way to tell if I had the pain at first but I did have the itching I could tell, by the time I was off the pain medication I was having pain from the em, my feet and up my lower legs turned bright tomato red with my symptoms. I have to take cold showers sitting down otherwise it feels like acid raining on my feet and I avoid outside and shoes completely except for doctors appointments. It’s very unlikely it is em if exercise improves your condition but again I’m not a doctor.

Hey Kats,
I have EM on my feet and it’s crawling up my ankles and mid calves. I constantly am lying down with a fan blowing on them. If I go anywhere I have to wear flip flops. When I get home it takes several hours to get them calmed down. Taking showers is so painful that afterwards I stand in cold water. Is there anything you do differently to ease the pain?

I myself rarely leave the house… I constantly have them elevated and only go out to doctors appointments or something like a family dinner now and then to make me feel better. Showers wise I personally use a shower chair as standing makes it worse and I do a lukewarm-warm temperature, baths I’ll let them soak in hot water as long as I can before I stick them out of the tub. I also recommend not using any cooling and letting them calm down on their own, when using an ice pack etc I notice once I’m not using it they end up so much worse versus if I let them calm down on their own with elevation. I give myself time to rest when I need it but still find little ways to push myself :slight_smile:

Wrong quoteeeeeeeeeee.

From the first time ur EM symptoms started, when did u first notice pain? Some years later, or weeks later?

Sure? Because u said yourself that when ur EM symptoms first presented, u didnt have any pain?

Thoughts? If my toes turns very red and veins popping out, but no pain, can i still have EM?