Erythromelalgia — A Life Of Fire And Pain

Thanks for sharing this, jimm. So, has anyone tried the Qutenza patch? Months of relief sounds wonderful.

I haven't tried the patches. It may not work as well for me because I have it over most of my body and would think I would need too many patches. It sounds a little scary to me too. Caspian?? Don't get me wrong I know it helps some and encourage those who's doctors think it may be of help to them to give it a go. It just makes me nervous because Caspian burns.

I have tried just in the last couple of weeks the lidocaine infusions and started Mexelitine. The infusion gave me quick and significant relief but it only lasted a few days. I need a few months to slowly build up the Mexietine in my body for it to start helping but I have high hopes because of my good response to lidocaine.

Thank you Jimm for sharing this with us.

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before I knew what I had I tried Caspian cream on my feet thinking I had neuropathy. I went on a bike ride with my seakers on and all hell broke loose 20 minutes into the rid, it burned like fire, 10 times worse than a bad flare-up. Anything Caspian in Cream form applied directly on the effected area is a big NO NO!