Erythromelalgia and Pregnancy Question?

Hello! I’m getting ready to have children in the next few years, and I’m wondering if anyone has insight into how EM affects pregnancy. My doctor has no idea, and basically said she just wants to treat issues as they come up, but I want to be prepared.

Pregnancy in general is obviously very hard on the body, and not an easy thing to deal with when you’re perfectly healthy, but I have some questions as to what I can expect or possible issues I might run into.

Right now, my EM is mostly concentrated to my hands and feet but I sometimes get flairs in my legs and hips, or arms. My concern is that being pregnant will hurt a lot more just in general, and be a lot harder on me, not even taking into account labour and delivery. I’m very sensitive to pain, stimulus in general, and medications of all kinds.

If anyone has any thoughts or experiences they could share, I would be extremely grateful.

You may want to start by doing a search. I did and here are my results. Some of them will be more relevant to you than others.

Sharon from ModSupport