Erythromelalgia secondary to Lyme Disease?

Well, today I saw another Osteopathic doc who was great. She seems to think I have Lyme Disease. She believes my spotchy red/white hands are characteristic of Lymes. I went ahead with the Western Blot test, in order to find out if I test positive for this disease. Does anyone else have Lyme Disease or has this been mentioned as a possibility?

My wife's Dr seemed to think that she may have lyme, however due to cost we did not get the Western Blot test...we treated for Lyme for about 8 months and have now moved onto other attempts. I definitely feel that Lyme could cause EM and actually saw this ( just the other day.

I have seen it mentioned quite a few times as a possible cause. Let us know what the Blot test comes back as.

Hi, I am new to this group. Your post caught my attention. I also see an alternative MD who administered the Western Blot test. Are you being treated for Lyme disease? If so, has it improved your EM symptoms?

Libby, I think you might find this blog interesting:

The blogger compares the incidence of Lyme Disease with the incidence of EM in Minnesota from 1986-2008. The rise of incidence was similar for both.

When I was researching the type of headache I have which is the New Daily Persistent Headache it was mentioned that 3 illnesses have been linked to it. They are Epstein Barr Virus (Mono), Lyme disease, and Herpes. The interesting thing about it is that most people with this headache remember exactly when it started. In my case the headache started around the same time I found out I had HSV 2. Some remember the exact day their headache started.
Seems there is a connection with these illnesses and neurological(?) issues.

Interesting, Sharon. On our Lyme community, it is pretty clear from the experiences of our members that there can be neurological consequences for Lyme, but I didn't know about the others. Thank you for posting, and I hope those headaches are less persistent soon.