Fans instead of soaking

I have heard a number of people say that they use a fan to cool their feet. I have always soaked my feet because is it the most immidiate relief. But it does cause some skin problems for me. So, if you use a fan, do you have your feet on a stool? Do the non-flaring parts get cold, such as ankles? It’s mostly the soles of my feet that need the cooling. I use a fan in bed at night and it is hard to keep the rest of me warm with the cold breeze blowing.

I usually just wrap up the rest of my body in the duvet and position the fan directly on my feet... I don't use one during the day but imagine the same principle would apply, keep your body warm using clothes and position it directly on the parts that need it. I do notice that I feel cold immediatley after putting the fan on but soon warm up the rest of my body after a few minutes taken to get used to it.

Hi there,
Yes, there’s a lot of reports suggesting cold water gives you nerve damage if used a lot! A fan is brilliant, you just get a desk one, put it on the floor directly on to your feet and there you go! You might have to sit a while, but it does the trick.

I know how amazing cold water is! As I admit on those really hot days were I want a tan but my feet are on mega burning mode I use cold water but not regularly. Although sometimes the burning can be so bad your under the fan alllll day! But get a water filled spray of cold water(ones you use on your hair the metal sprays) and just spray it on your feet and put them under the fan and that might help. As my EM is bad, I’m normally under the fan a lot but thank god for snuggies! As I wrap that round me to keep warm.

Regarding bed time, I have the fan on a stool next to my bed… Blowing directly on my feet, it can be a bit chilly but for me I cant go under duvets as its too heavy against me for my EM although what i do is i have a big flease and a snuggie on me wrap that tightly round me so no bits of cold air can get through (and sometimes a thin dressing gown on as well) but it means with them I can put it just past or before my knee wrap it tight so no coldness and it’s so much easier!

Hope this helps.x

When I used cold water to cool a flare I learnt pretty quickly the damage it could cause. After that I would put my feet in a thin plastic bag (like you might wrap a sandwich in) before dunking my feet. Worked well enough for relief without getting feet wet.

My fan for night time is by the side of bed and I fold the duvet up so it is double thickness on my body and leaves my legs exposed from just below knees. Just tuck it under at the sides of legs to stop the draught. It can be a bit of a performance to get it right at times. I sometimes wake up in the morning with my legs like ice but that is preferable to the burning etc. I don't have the fan right next to my feet in bed - about 2-3 feet away. Quite often I will be woken up with the start of a flare as I must have tucked my feet up under the duvet in my sleep. My EM isn't too bad right now due to the medication.

I have a small desk fan that clips on to the edge of a side table or stool when sitting in the armchair. Wish I could find another like it. Other than that a floor standing fan might be the answer when you have your feet up as the cold air has a wider range.

Everything seems to be such a palaver with trying to get relief from the flares.

Cold water can also induce ulcers. I use a strong and large fan. Helps immensely.

In the summer I sleep under the covers with my feet sticking out and the fan on them. Yea, I get cold, really cold, numb cause I don't wear shoes or socks outside in the winter. But I think of it this way: When my feet are too cold, it means the fire is out. YAY!