Does anyone have suggestions to weaning off a fan?

Hi Everyone! Have been using a fan almost 24/7 for about 9 months. My skin is telling me that I’ve over done it! I know everything in moderation but once I started it I couldn’t stop it without terrible burning. But, now I’m also suffering with Pernio and the painful blisters because the fan makes my feet get too cold, especially at night. Without my fan my feet burn. Any suggestions of how to gradually wean off of so much fan time? I appreciate any thoughts!

Well, I guess no one wants to get off the fan!!! LOL !! I totally understand that! :sweat_smile: But I have come up with an idea myself. I have decided to make slipper-like things & fill them with dried corn kernels & put them on my feet. I discovered that when you put corn kernels in the freezer they stay cold for a long time. So I’m going to make 2 pairs so I can rotate them thru the night. It’s just an experiment & I’m going to make them this weekend, hopefully. Also, I can use them during the day. I found the corn kernels in a co-op store where they sell all kinds of feed for farm animals. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out if anyone is interested. I’m having a great day today weather wise. It’s only 66 & cloudy & raining off & on. My feet don’t do as bad in this weather…otherwise they burn 24/7. So I’m always thankful for these kind of days. I can’t believe it’s July 22nd & we’re having this kind of weather! I moved here 5 yrs ago & where I came from it was always in the 100s in the summer! Hope you all are also keeping cool!