Feet never hurt in the morning, look normal, cool/cold to the touch

This is one thing that always confused me. Why is it that my feet/toes look/feel normal every morning and are cool/cold to the touch? Why just mornings? Its been that way for the 6 years Ive been dealing with this. This really peaks my interest as to what an underlying issue may be. Thyroid? Liver?

My flare ups vary as to how long and times of the day. They happen every day, usually in the afternoons and ALWAYS in the evenings. Some days I will get by without any severe issue in the afternoon. Sometimes I will even wake up in the morning with sore feet but once Im up and out of bed it goes away and my mornings are almost always pain free and normal. I was hoping someone have an answer with this info. Why is the mornings always normal? When I say normal I dont mean 100% but its very close to it. I can put socks and sneakers on and go to the gym without any issues. I never wear shoes in the afternoon/evenings, I wear sandals. If any of you have a clue or can mention this to others/doctors as to why a person with this does not experience symptoms in the morning hours and appear to feel normal I would appreciate it, just respond to this post.

PS I take tramadol for pain (less than 2 years now) in the evenings, when I do get pain at night it can be brutal, I can take up to 300mgs, not all at once, usually 150, then 100 a few hours later then a 50 near bed time if needed, it never takes the pain away 100% but it does take the edge off if I need to go out at night and it helps go to sleep and stay asleep.

This is my experience absolutely. I will be interested to learn other members’ explanation for the phenomenon. One difference though: if I stay lying in bed in the morning my feet stay cool and don’t flare. If I sit up and read or work on my IPad before getting out of bed I will be lucky if I get 20 minutes before a severe flare forces me out of bed.

I couldn't have explained it better my self Tizzy! May I have permission in the future to just send your answer if and when this question comes up again. I would have rambled on for ever and possibly still not explain it properly.

This happens o me as well and as Tizzy mentioned I do get worse Raynaud's in the morning but as Nel mentioned if you stay in bed too long as I am now on my computer the flaring begins again. Maybe your body thinks ...Oh never mind...She's not getting up....Better relax again and then the flaring starts !

Maybe I should get up now and see if that helps it. It's just so hard now that the flaring has begun. Standing is excruciating! Then again it may make things better so I will do it and let you know how it goes.

Take care,


Because I like to stay in my bed where it is nice and quiet and answer urgent emails before breakfast, I am experimenting to see what degree of propping up I can achieve without triggering a flare. I’m subtracting a pillow a day:)

What I don’t know is how long I could remain lying down once I have woken, without flaring. I am a morning person and determined to remain that way however much sleep I don’t get.

Please let us know how your experiment goes Nel.
I got up and walked around a bit and my feet are better but I’m not sure how much it was credited to getting up or the fact I was in the kitchen on my cool tile floor.