Finally found docs who listen

For years I kept trying to explain to my doctors what my feet felt like and doing my own research. When I found EM I talked to my dr. about it and sent him a copy of the pages I had found and they agreed that it looked and sounded right. I have 7 auto-immune disorders besides this. I am just glad to know what I have has a name and that I am not crazy. Now it is a matter of finding something that will help with the boils in oil pain that is set off by cold and sweat. Cool water helps for a short period of time so I do wash my feet often and change socks 5to 6 times a day. I have tried different types of socks and found some help more than others. Staying barefoot is not an option in my home. I have found that all lotions and oils make my feet worse. Mine got worse after having hip surgery last year but having had a Rhizotomy it has gotten better so now we are going to do it again for a different set of nerves in my back that directly affect the feet. I was wondering tho what dose of aspirin can help. Thank you for listening. Dani

I wanted to welcome you here Dani! It sounds like you’ve had some success in managing your erythromelalgia. That’s great! I’ve seen lots of different methods of managing here, so make sure to do a search if you have any specific ideas, and see what other people’s experiences have been too.

Sharon from ModSupport

Thank you. I have been going thru the site hoping to find more information so that I can find different answers too. I do have to be careful what I try as I am on Arava for PsA. As my sister says I am always fair even when I disagree with someone. Have a great day, Dani