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I my name is Judith, I am a new member, I live in Québec city and I speak french, my English is "so so". I will try to write in English or I will use the translator. I have EM for 10 years (in my feet) and it's getting worst with the years. I have also pain when my feet and toes are to cold. Just standind up give me pain.

I lost my doctor five month ago.

Do you have doctor's names in Québec?

Thank's in advance

Take care


Dear Judith,

One Dr is closest in Montreal. I have others but further away - Ottowa, Ontario?????

Let me know if you want these Dr's names. The cold you describe sounds like co-existing Raynauds syndrome, which is fairly common.

Look at top of discussion at information for new members. It has advice and information that may help you.

Thinking of you

mads x


Hi Mads,

Thank you for the doctor in Montreal,

I am willing to go to Ottawa or Ontario

If you have more names send it to me

thank you Again

take care


Have sent to your inbox :)


Hello again Judith. Alina here. So good to be able to read what you are saying! Thank you for doing that. I had no idea there was a translator button available here and I am a moderator!

I hope one of the doctors Mads recommended will work for you.Finding a doctor that knows or is willing to learn about EM is often a challenge. Just never give up. It took me forever it feels like but I am now under the care of a few wonderful doctors. None of them had any knowledge about EM but they were willing to read the research I brought in and experiment with the treatments recommended.

If you can't find an actual doctor that knows and treats EM a doctor willing to learn is another option but can be hard to find.

Take care,


Chere Judith,

Forgot to tell you to look at the 'information for new members' pinned to top of discussion forum. You might want to print some articles off to take with you. Do remember to take photos and keep a pain diary. The more information and back up evidence you can take - the better.

Please let us know how you get on at your consultation.

We are all thinking of you

Bonne chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Merci pour les infos

Thank you for the information Mads

Yes I have photos

Take care


Have you managed to see Dr yet Judith?

Keep us informed - we care

Un abrazo


Hi Mads,

Not yet I let you know.

I read a article from the Dr Cohen (U.S. CA) that says the Calcium make him worse.

I remember that I have more pain since I take Calcium, so, I stop taking Calcium 10 days ago and I feel less pain since 3 days.

Have a nice day


Hello Mads, my daughter is having difficulty getting a diagnosis by a doctor who is familiar with EM, we have a good cause but her doctors are hesitant since they have never seen. Could you let us know if there is a doctor in the Ottawa area? Thank god we found this support group.