For everybody who has nerve pain and dont know why

hi, if any of u have pain in ur feet like i do and have no idea why or what to do about it i want to make a suggestion that u go have an MRI done on ur spine. weather it be the whole thing or in my case i threw my lower back out when i was younger many times from lifting things i shouldn’t have. i have not had any back issues in probably 20 yrs. but what i do have is serious pain swelling redness etc in my feet and nobody knows why or how to treat it. so with no pain in my back i dont think about what i did years ago and focus on my feet . i been to maybe 20 doctors and my ins co. loves me but i finally got an order to get an MRI of my lumbar spine and low and behold there is my problem . i have a herniated disc and some other issues like some of my nerves being compressed over or pushed over against the bone and most likely the cause of my pain in my feet. like many of u here on this site who posted things that have worked for u well i am here to do the same. so if u had any issues with ur back over the years but have no pain in ur back but pain in ur feet like i do,then go get this done if u have not. i am going to get my back fixed starting next week and after almost 5 years dealing with this i really hope i get my life back after this gets done. hope this helps

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Interesting. I developed EM after a hip replacement op - red, burning feet accompanied with nerve pain. I now take Gabapentin, which helps a fair bit with the pain but I’d still like to know if something is causing it. I also know I have arthritis in my spine (from a MRI scan done about 5 years ago). I have suspected that my EM symptoms are somehow connected with my spine but, as I was diagnosed with EM by a dermatologist I consulted privately he does not seem interested in this. (My GP had not heard of EM) I also suffer from tingling/weakness/stiffness particularly in buttocks and back of legs. I mentioned this to my orthopaedic specialist when I saw him for a checkup last November and he has referred me for another MRI scan. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that. (I am in the UK on the NHS).
What treatment have you been prescribed for your back problem? I already do a few exercises daily for my back suggested by a physio after my hip op.