General comment on iron ,Vit D

Hello all ,I was just pondering the difficulties that Em can wreak on digestion for some members and wanted to pop in a thought or two . Low iron levels can result from a diet restricted in animal protein( which of course is hard to digest ) The problems here are twofold in that low iron decreases appetite,and starts a bad cycle and also low iron results in decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood . So anaemia is an enemy of Em.
Generally ,because we avoid the sun as- Eeek it burns us , means that Vit D stores can be low . This is important for bones etcetc AND immune function .
Both of these along with b12 should be checked in a blood test if not already. If you have had Em for awhile there is probably no way you are getting enough D without supplementing. I know ,I know I sound bossy - I am a mother and frustrated physio - ignore that and find the useful bits Tizzy xxx
While I am at don’t forget the rest of your health as tempting as it is- breast check etc .I am on this topic as I had two moles removed this week and one was moderately dysplastic :frowning: But can I say despite ten stitches I didn’t feel a thing ,so something is working meds wise?
Oh ,and a Ps

  • I put my favourite bath combo in another post,got me thinking why I love either a cool or tepid bath so much? Sure the Epsom salt ,lavender and bicarb are nice but what I think is the real appeal is that my WHOLE body is at the same temperature for the time I soak and that in itself is a miracle. It is so relaxing to be one temp all over don’t you agree ? Again Xxxbye Tizzy

Hi Tizzy,

I think you're so right. I'm taking Vitamin D3 2000iu once a day.

I read somewhere D3 is a better kind? Don't know if that's right.

Thanks Tizzy,

I've been referred to a pain clinic. No appointment yet, but it's allowed me to feel a bit of hope again. :)

Thanks for great reminder Guys,

Information for new members(pinned top forum) has link. Some good advice on vitamins/supplements. We often forget how important nutrition is:)

Thanks Tizzy,

Yes I've read their team is a physio, an occupational therapist, a pain nurse and a psychologist. So I'm hoping to be thoroughly worked over by the physio. They've got access to a much wider range of drugs than my current doctors too. A lot of the drugs I've heard about here I asked about but been told they can't prescribe them.

Tizzy said:

..hopefully you will get a lovely Physio to help with gentle exercises etc .As with many things it is good to be reminded of the simple stuff as well as drug management .I hope you get an appointment soon, keep me posted if you get the chance, Tizzy xx