Low Iron and Hypothermia

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone has had iron deficiency or hypothermia?

My iron levels have dropped by two-thirds and are now barely above the lowest minumum range. I am starting to take supplements as a result. I am male, so it is not related to reproductive system, as I understand menstruation and pregnancy can cause it.

Also, my body temperature has been for over a week at hypothermic levels 32.8-34.2C (91-93.6F).

Any knowledge and ideas welcomed.



My iron levels have always been slightly low (borderline) - not low enough for a hardcore supplement, so I actually take the children's Flintstones vitamins that say "+iron" for a small dose to help me stay within the normal range.

Hi Dkel,

I have never had hypothermic level body temp.Although often my body temp would be 1 degree c below 'normal' in the past. It's not anymore. But I have experienced seriously low iron levels for all of one month. Very strange.

Chronic constipation is a symptom I have that is connected to POTS. I've had all sorts of digestive system tests including ultrasound endoscopies and colonoscopy. The gastroentorologist I saw for maybe 6 years (I now see another one who is better informed about POTS) ordered up some blood tests at one point. My iron levels came back so low I qualified for the camera test (where you swallow a camera and it goes right through your system -- that way they can see from 'beginning to end' LOL)... anyway I qualified to have the $2,000 test done for free through our medicare system. I asked to have my bloods done again. I had a hunch that 'something had changed' in the month between blood tests. So the gastro doc ordered new tests and my iron levels were back to low range of normal. From very low, in one month they went back up to the low-normal range. I hadn't started on iron supplements. Very strange. My gastro doc couldn't explain it. No one could. I'd had a couple of other strange readings in blood tests before and I'd suspected this was one of them. IT was just a hunch, as I said. I felt like something had changed. Intuition about my body. Trouble is, once I tested back in the low normal range I did not qualify for the test for free. I elected not to have it as I'd already had just about every other test a gastro doc can do on someone anyway, and couldn't afford the 2 thousand dollars anyway.

I was never given a reason for why this could happen with my iron levels. I got the well known 'shrug.' I'm just the patient but I would think that would intrigue a doctor. But it didn't.

It was so strange and unlikely. But when I saw your post I thought I should mention it to you. Perhaps have your iron levels tested again?


I know it sounds crazy but EM and POTS still sound crazy, even to me, after all these years. It has all made me realize that I live in a world where anything is possible. Including, dare I say it, cure - one day.


dkel9307 said:

Many thanks Blue

That does sound somewhat strange! Thank you for sharing.

I definitely will be having them tested again soon.

Kind regards