Girl on Fire: Ann Arbor Pioneer hockey player Lauren Chapman perseveres through rare skin disease

Hi Guys ,

great article which puts spotlight on EM

Thank you for sharing. In her documentary Mayo Clinic Video ( at 22minutes 0 seconds, the doctor recommended topical cream.

The first was Transdermal Cream with Amitriptyline and Ketamine which is also listed on Dr. Cohen's literature ( However, he also suggests two others but I couldn't make out the exact wording. Does anyone know the others ones mentioned?

Additionally, my family doctor doesn't know how to obtain or order this cream. If anyone is currently using the amitriptyline and ketamine cream, how do you procure it?

Excellent, thanks for the information Tizzy. Did you happen to get my message I sent?

Hi there. I have recently been prescribed 4 different compounded creams to try. 2 week trial of each to see which one I respond to the best. I have a local compounding. Pharmacy who makes them for me. They are Midodrine 0.2%, diclocenac sodium gel 3%, ketA 0.6%/amatriptaline 2%, and Gabapentin 4% cream. So far I have only tried the keta/amatrip cream, which significantly decreased my pain but made me very sleepy. I was also given lidocaine patches that seem to work pretty well (only used one time so far)