Hands and feet

Sometimes my hands will be flared and my feet will be ice cold and white
and burning!

This happen to me too. :frowning:

This is interesting to me, too. I’ve noticed my hands and feet have been cold sometimes in between flares and that one set can be red, hot flaring and the other looks more similar to your feet. It feels like temperature regulation has gone haywire…even the doctor noticed how cold my hands were the other day, although I think they ran cool (not Raynaud’s cool though) before I began flaring.

Before EM my hands and feet were a lot colder than the average person but it felt confortable and normal! Now I have a flare in my heel and my toes are cold o viceversa! Sometime my earlobe is flaring and burning and the resto of my ear freezing ! I believe there is no constancy in EM, it does as it pleases !