Has anyone ever gotten better from EM?

Or is this a lifelong condition. I have many other problems as well…

Hi Akkami.

I know there is no known cure but there are treatments that help manage symptoms and for some help enough to lead a normal life. Look up Dr Jay Cohen MD. I wish I knew how to attach a link to make it easier for you . sorry. I know there are people here as well that have found things that have helped them as well. Keep in mind you will probably read more posts from people with worse EM or EM that hasn't been helped yet because they are the ones still looking for help and support and not out running around leading a normal life. There are still some wonderful people here that have found help or are a little better and can get out and about but still come on out of the kindness of their hearts just to help the rest of us!

Try not to get discouraged by the possible disproportionate posts.

Take care,



I've read that EM can resolve itself. Or waxes and wanes. As Alina notes, if EM has resolved itself or if it's become very manageable then it's unlikely that people will be visiting these forums. They'll be out doing all the stuff they haven't been able to do, I think. I hope to be in that group one day. Meanwhile, I've very glad to be a member of this support group.


Just to emphasize why we don't see more positive stuff on sites like this, I took this from a blog called: 12 More Pages -

learn to live and cope with Dysautonomia . It's written by a young bloke called Tyler. (My apologies to Tyler by not posting a direct link. I just can't work out how to do this on my computer -- most days. I hope writing the name of his blog serves as enough due credit). Some days I can link, some days I can't work it out. Brain fog, I guess.

Anyway, Tyler has dysautonomia but he's gettnig better, much better going by what he's written. I wish him well. Very well. I have a form of dysautonomia known as POTS (for short). That was the reason for me having a quick look at Tyler's blog where he explained why he no longer revisits his pages.

"To be honest the last thing I’ve wanted to do was blog or give personal help since I have been feeling better. It’s like getting dragged into a past of bad memories. I am happy, and hearing about people going through the same terrible experiences I went through on a daily basis really started to wear me down. I became extremely conflicted and decided the best way for me to handle the situation was to run."

I think most people would do what Tyler has done.


Thank you for your replies everyone. I appreciate it.