Help for cooling hands, worth the cost

So, I have searched all over to avoid the constant frustration of sleeping with icepacks on all my extremities. I am a nurse practitioner and work in neurology. Stanford created a hand cooling device, originally for athletes to improve endurance etc. They then started using it in diseases like MS, where patients also have trouble regulating temperature. At first, it was only available for purchase through doctors offices or sports. Now anyone can buy one, so I took the risk. What a change it makes. At first, when I used it I was initially disappointed because I did not get the quick relief like I was from submerging my hands or feet into cold ice water or wrapping in ice packs. But after my first time using it, I saw and felt a great difference. You basically fill a container with ice and a small amount of water. There is a glove that you insert your hand into, and a vacuum type suction is involved. The cool water and vacuum sucks the heat out of your palm (very non scientific way of explaining it). I have begun to use this nightly. I do about 45 minutes on each hand. Afterwards, I felt significant results even after my first "treatment". I have not exercised in about 3 years due to the cardiovascular effects of EM. I have not ridden my bike in 3 years because it hurt so bad to even hold the handle bars, plus the cardiovascular effects.

The next morning, I was able to go for a 3 mile bike ride, even with some minor hills, and felt great after. I still had to cool down, but the motivation it gave me psychologically that I could actually exercise again with out putting myself into a severe flare up felt better that dealing with the mild cool down.

The next week, I tested myself further, and ran the 3 miles. Now, I over did it, for sure, that time and luckily was running along a lake and dipped my feet and hand is the water half way through, but again I felt so empowered to actually run.

Now i am not giving any medical advice as a nurse practitioner, but just sharing what I have found that has really helped me begin to function better. Still, I continue to use lidocaine patches daily, take neuropathic medications, and occasionally pain medications. This is by all no means a cure, or treatment, but I wanted to share one thing that has helped me begin to start exercising again.

Price of the cooling glove is up there, about $1000. But I was to the point where I could not type at work, open windows, and sometimes not drive to work, due to burning in my feet.

If you have the funds available, I think it is worth the try. I actually got it as a Chistmas/ birthday present since i could not afford it, thankfully from my parents.

The website is I even wrote Dr Steven Waxman, who does the majority of research on EM in the US to tell them about what it has done for me.

Again, I am in the field and can not recommend this as a provider, but as a patient and fellow EM sufferer it is one thing to consider to help with symptoms. And no, avacore is not paying me to say this. I wish they would! lol.

I will attach some photos of my hands before and after for you to view.

One is the right hand after 45 minutes of using the glove, compared to the left hand before any cooling.

The other is the left hand before and after 15 minutes of using the cooling glove.

So thats how I came up with 45 minutes as the appropriate time for each hand for myself.

Hope this information can help others. Take care. :)

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Dear NP2010,

Thank you for sharing the Avacore cooling glove system details with us. More importantly, very interested to hear of your experience using the glove. Im so pleased it is helping ease symptoms for you.We will certainly add it to our cooling tips :) Re: Avacore glove- here is some background and research on it. Actually developed at Stanford University USA. Quite a fascinating read .

Several companies are now producing icy wear or cooling products. Heres a couple we have come across. If any members have other icy products to add - that would be amazing help to the rest of the community

Thank you do much for sharing this. I saw this online once when I was searching for cooling tools but I couldn’t afford it especially without knowing if it worked or not. I wished there was a way to try before I buy because if it helped enough I would start saving. I saw this advertised as a sports aid. It says it cools you and prolongs your endurance .
do you actually feel cooler after using it? How long does the relief Last? Did you find worth regular use the effects lays longer and longer? Does it help worth your while body or just to your hands? I’m so sorry to bombard you with so many questions but this is something I’m seriously considering.
Oh one last question. … you said this used to be available only for those in the medical field is this something that might be available at a doctors office to try? If so do you know what kind?
Thank you for all of your help.

Oh my, I want one of those vests!!! To think I might be able to tolerate summer in Florida finally!!! Gotta start saving my change, for sure. Thanks so much for publicizing these products. I knew about the neck ties, hats, and towels, but not about the vests and sleeves. Thanks!!!

Thanks for sharing the tip! It doesn't look to be, but is it large enough for a foot? I wouldn't spend $1,000 for that if it's just my hands, which don't hurt too bad when flaring, but I'd pay double that if it helped my feet...