Help me figure out non-narcotic meds that will work for me just as well

I am currently on oxycontin 30 mg 3x per day and 10mg percocet as needed when things get real bad. I also take cymbalta 60 mg once a day and neurontin 800 mg 3x per day. My husband lost his job and we have no insurance so I am looking for a different medication alternative that may benefit me just as well that is not expensive. I really need something that is going to shut down the nerves and assist with the pain and tingling and numbness. Any help will be appreciated. thank you so much all.


Have you looked into any of the drug assistance programs …I would think the manufacturer of Cymbalta might be able to help. I don’t think the narcotics offer such programs but I could be wrong. I am so sorry to hear of Your situation. I CAN’T imagine it, wishing I had a better response.

Have you tried amtryptiline? An old tricyclic antidepressant that works well for pain. It’s a generic and should be cheaper than the cymbalta